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Raspberry Pi Photo Booth

Photo booths at parties are very in vogue, but also very expensive to rent or purchase! If you are a moderately technical and handy individual with a weekend on your hands, this project could be for you. As a maid of honor in an upcoming wedding, I figured building one would save money and be a neat little project that would take advantage of some of the random Pi parts I have lying around.

This project is based off of the Wyolum project by Jenny Ching, Justin Shaw, and Kevino which I came across on Makezine. The idea is to use a capacitive touch screen, camera module, and a Raspberry Pi to create a photo booth that saves all the images to a Google Photo album and can also email the photos to the party attendees.

Below is a photo of the electronics for the photo booth which run flawlessly on the Wyolum code.

Unfortunately, I do not ahve a 3D printer so I had to improvise on the frame that actually holds the electrical components in place. Instead of plastic, I used a lightweight wood. To attach the frame to the tripod I used a long 1/4-20 screw and two washers. It is OK that the frame is a little janky looking because once I build an enclosure you won't even see it!

The project is currently in a hold as I am waiting for the standoffs and mounting hardware to arrive. Plans for the design are roughly as followed:

- Mount electronics

- Build enclosure, I really liked the "giant camera" idea from the Makezine team

- Attach flash boot shoe on top

- Sturdier tripod attachment?

- Change font, basic look of GUI, and watermark

- Multishot?

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