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Saving Time by Organizing Electronics

So I realized that as I have been working on all of my small electronics projects, that I'm sometimes using a third of my project time just looking for small little components. I finally figured that if I feel it has been helpful to organize my larger tools and components, it is high time I organize the smaller tools and components (resistors, capacitors, LED's, jumper wires, etc.) I have had laying around.

The main objective of organizing my electronics is to save time and energy while searching for project parts, and to keep a better tab on current inventory. As hard as it is to spend a couple hours on this project, I keep telling myself this is an investment of time and it will pay off going forward. I also intend to view this as a continuous iteration; I will constantly change and improve this organizational method as I see fit.


- Velcro

- Scotch Tape

First, I organized all of my components into the various small drawers, and labeled them accordingly.

Next, because my electronics workspace is presently always changing, I used velcro to attach my stranded wire spool, larger breadboard, and jumper wire set to the top fo the storage cabinet.

Finally, as I am presently in a very humid location, I placed all electrical components in Anti-Static bags to prevent damage due to static and due to humidity.

At present I have many larger items such as project parts, displays, etc. and I am trying to find the best storage solution. One idea was the IRIS 4-Drawer Cart that I presently use for storage of my paper craft materials. It would likely work, but it would not be suitable for heavier objects which are often a part of my electronics. I will continue to think on it, and update here as I continue to refine my search and organization.

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