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Rustic Wood-Burned Table Numbers

I am of the age where everyone decides to get married all at the same time. When those people closest to you get married you often feel compelled to go above and beyond while helping them prepare. That is how I got roped in to created wood-burned table numbers. This project is actually relatively easy, so i will walk through it briefly and update the diagram shortly thereafter.

Materials and tools:

- Wood rounds

- Finishing nail

- Drill with 1/16" drill bit and 1/8" drill bit

- Wood burning tool

Step 1: Burn numbers into wood

This is a fairly simple step if you've done some wood burning before. Even if you haven't, it isn't that hard - though I suggest practicing on some spare pieces of wood first. If you wanted to skip this part, you could also use a black sharpie marker!

Figure 1: Numbers burned into wood after furniture wax applied.

Step 2: Finish the wood

This step isn't necessary but it will polish the look of the table numbers. I chose to use a clear furniture wax to bring out the rings and texture in the wood and prevent them from staining. You could also opt for a poly coat, stain, or darker furniture wax to change the look.

Step 3: Mount the numbers

The final step is to mount the numbers so that they sit well on the table. I decided to mount the number rounds perpendicularly on to another round. I did this by drilling a 1/16" hole into the bottom edge of the number rounds to fit the pin. On the bottom round, I drilled a 1/16" hole though the center, and countersunk it with a 1/8" drill bit to accommodate the pin head. The final result is a shabby-chic table number perfect for an outdoor wedding!

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