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Raspberry Pi: No HDMI Monitor? No Problem!

Raspberry Pi, those little $35 computer boards are pretty handy. There is only one real downside that I've found - my spare computer monitors rarely have HDMI input. Trust me, I wish I had spare brand-new, high-definition monitors laying around, but alas, I do not.

Unfortunately, the Raspberry Pi is designed for HDMI output. I just wanted to share an easy (and inexpensive) solution I've found. Introducing the $6 Amazon Basics HDMI to DVI adapter!

Unlike using an HDMI to VGA adapter as I have done in previous projects, the HDMI to DVI adapter requires no modifications to the config.txt file in order to render the display properly. It can be such a pain playing around with hdmi_mode and hdmi_group settings in an attempt to get your display to work. I have heard using adapters with the Raspberry Pi has been hit or miss, with many inexpensive adapters not working. This one, however, works great, just plug and play!

This is an excellent option for anyone tinkering with the Raspberry Pi, or maybe for parents of young children cobbling together old computer parts for a kid's PC.

As this has worked so well for me I will probably order another one just to have a spare around the house! Hope someone stumbles across this and saves a bucket of time!

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